Sunday, 11 March 2012


It's oppressive and consuming, not a hint of cool fresh air,
You're so hot your blood is boiling, makes no difference what you wear

Trapped tight down in this oven, going deeper underground
With shallow breath and eyes shut tight, your heart begins to pound

You dare not look or budge an inch, you must control your fear
You must stay calm convince yourself, things aren't as they appear

An inch of space beyond your face is all you've left to breathe
But still you're forced in tighter as the people shove and squeeze

Just minutes left (you tell yourself)
We''ll be there soon for sure 
Please hurry god ... I'm begging ... I can't take this anymore ... 

But fate's not kind to those who beg, the train slows to a halt
And so, I'm stuck (one inch of space) 
Buried deep down in this vault

Seconds tick in silence as panic starts to rise 
I must get out, I must get out 
My every fiber cries 

There no way out, I'm trapped down here, the space is closing in.
I can't get out, I must stay calm. The train will soon begin. 

Boxed by people left and right, fighting hard for breath
Heartbeat breaking through my chest, is this to be my death?

Think of something, sing a song (I hear my conscious say)
Lyrics, pictures, anything.....what's in the news today?

I loose my grip and focus, a scream begins to rise 
The hand of suffocation tightens sealing my demise

The tube begins at last ... I sigh 
Relieved to leave the train
Control was mine for one more day 
in 24 hours .. I do it all again 

© Andrea Payne 1991 and 2011

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