Sunday, 11 March 2012

Poetry must rhyme I tell you....

This poetry I must admit has left me quite perplexed
As I read it I see nothing but assorted lines of text
Being taught a little different by my father who instructed
That poetry was meant to rhyme or else not be constructed.. 

Yet, I can't help but wonder what had come of this fine rule
Creating lines of poetry without this useful tool
It seems this style of writing has long since been mislaid
Words no longer flow as lines, rhythm seems to fade

And what of days past long ago, when lines of similar sound
Were used to tell great stories, of heroes homeward bound
With structure in their verses, well thought out with a title
To enlighten every reader giving cause for grand recital

For a poem it is not if it lacks a basic rhyme
Like a song without it's notes, or a beat without it's time
As though the very sun could shine without it's heat
As verse that doesn't rhyme simply wouldn't be complete!!!

© Andrea Payne 1991 and 2011

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